Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy an EV?

Just look at the price of fuel at the moment! EV’s use NO petrol. You will never have to full up again. Think of the $$ savings from that alone.

EV’s also have no emissions. This is one way to give a helping hand to planet earth.

And, if that does not sell you… they are just great, comfortable and amazing cars to drive!

How do I charge my EV? 

Its easy! You can charge your EV at a public charging station or at home.  You can find you nearest public charging station at here.

The cheapest and easiest way to charge your EV however is at home. All you need to do is drive into your garage, plug in your car and charge overnight (or during the day). It will cost you less than a cup of coffee. No more expensive trips to the petrol station each time your out.

We provide a free NZ charging cable with all vehicles purchased from us. These usually retail at $600 NZ dollars, and are not usually supplied with EV’s in NZ, but if you purchase from us this is included. 

How far will my EV go?

It depends on the model of the vehicle and the State of Health (SOH) of the battery.  Nissan Leaf EV’s come in two models, the 24kwh and 30kwh. The SOH is dependant on the age and milage of the vehicle.

If you contact us and let us know how you will be using your vehicle, we can let you know the right model to suit your needs. We will be able to let you know the SOH of battery of any car that we have, or are looking to import, to give you the best idea of the cars likely km range.

How can I test drive an EV?

The best thing you can do is ring for a test drive. Once you try one of these next generation vehicles you will be sold. Please contact Martin on 027 2436762 to arrange a test drive today!

What does your Price include?

Our buyer in Japan, or Martin, will personally inspect all vehicles. Our listed price includes

  • All  transport costs;
  • Customs charges;
  • Delivery charges;
  • Vehicle compliance;
  • Vehicle registration;
  • NZ new charging cable.

There are no ‘extra changes’ the price listed is the cost of your EV drive away.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes! We pride ourselves on the quality of the cars we offer. For this reason we offer a free 1 year mechanical warranty on all our EV’s.

I am looking for another type of vehicle, do you import anything else?

Yes. We import cars, trucks, tractors and machinery from Japan. Just contact us will what you are after and we can find something to suit your needs.